Before all data & customization migrated, Ecc6.0 is to be upgraded to EHP 7 or higher. This can be done at one phase or two phases depend on the client’s requirement.

For many small and midsize businesses, expansion is a goal that promises long-term prosperity and brand loyalty. But at the same time, the further the company branches out to reach new markets and regions, the more complex and risk-prone operations become.

A business is only as efficient as the technology used to manage it. Large volumes of data must be processed quickly. Specific reporting is required to comply with industry or regional regulations. And to get a better view of performance, opportunities, and risk, all information and processes must be unified into one core system.

With a digital strategy built on an intelligent cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform, small and midsize businesses create sustainable growth by tying processes, data, systems, and employees together end to end. Real-time insight and smarter employee-centric and customer-centric practices are injected into every aspect of the company. And flexible deployment of new digital interfaces and relentless improvement of business systems become significant competitive advantages.