Every company, no matter how big it is requires an SAP version upgrade for better performance, for an improved business process capability and to stay on the top in this competitive business market. All the companies that use SAP software are aware of this necessity and the advantages associated it. But some of the companies are quite reluctant to launch one due to the time and cost uncertainty provided by most of the organizations. Thus, it resulted in a mindset that the up gradation shall disrupt the business process.

Although SAP up-gradation process is time-consuming one involving a lot of costs, it is wise to choose one and wiser to choose the right service provider who ensures the success of the project in the shortest time span.

We as an SAP services company in UAE provide three-phased SAP up-gradation services at the best affordable price which comprise of Upgrade Assessment, Road Map Assessment, and Functional Upgrade within very short time constraints.

Upgrade Assessment:

To leverage the SAP implementation, what you need is to stay updated with the latest SAP releases. Our upgrade assessment services take one week for this evaluation. It includes mapping the process data and integration, consideration and dependencies for the system upgrade. The upgrade assessment ensures the work that needs to be done and the time it takes to accomplish it also providing the information required to make any decision.

Road Map Assessment:

Our SAP road map assessments provide profound information which facilitates you to map your business requirements to the capabilities of the SAP software. Our professional team is expertise in producing a plan by use of dependencies and priorities. Such a road map describes you the maximum benefit of SAP functionality over timeframes. Our road map assessment service takes an approximate one week to prepare a site map of your SAP software.

Functional Upgrade:

When a company decides for SAP up-gradation, it is very apparent that the company is in need of new capabilities which enhance the system performance whereas required to reduce the interruption in the system. Our team focuses on each need of the company and similarly delivers the functionality which enhances the capabilities of the system and targets the odds which causes an interruption in the system. Even there is an option which is SAP ERP 6.0 the version offers expanding use without system up-gradation so as eliminates the requirement of the up-gradation for a lifetime.

Why Neogen IT Solutions for SAP Up-gradation services?

  • The professional team of the SAP up-gradation who solely manages the up-gradation services
  • Capable of developing a business case for any SAP upgrade
  • Carry out the optimum solution to leverage business benefits after up-gradation
  • Provides a comprehensive solution correlated to the problem at the best affordable cost
  • Our expert team has an experience of pre-upgrade services, upgrade services as well as post upgrade services

The SAP up-gradation services that Neogen IT Solutions offers are Comprehensive Upgrade assessment, Upgrade Roadmap & Planning, Data archiving, Delta Sizing of your SAP Infrastructure, Project Management, Technical Version Upgrade, Unicode Implementation, Quality/Risk Management, Test Management, Functional Upgrade, SAP Business suite upgrade, HANA consulting services, Performance tuning and much more.