As many cos are using & user-friendly with SAP Ecc6.0, many existing cos have not migrated to SAP S4 Hana Finance, they fear of cost factor & successful migration which are in premises. But in order to avoid both risks, existing can go for S4 Hana Cloud at least for a year, replicate production data in cloud for testing & go live for at least one co-code or realize S4 Hana Cloud benefits.

If any existing SAP ecc6.0 user will go for S4 Hana migration. It gives a lot of benefits. Gradually it helps to move to Fiori applications which make users everything in tips.

Reporting & approval, cash flow will be updated. Wofferse will make it user-friendly

Benefits from S4 Hana:

    1. AS S4 Hana cost of hardware is very costly Many vendors offer Cloud services to check how benefits their organization. Its payment is a monthly basis for at least 1-3 years down payment. There will be no other costs. All are totaled up & converted into monthly installments per-user basis. There are no license costs separately, no implementation costs separately, No Post implementation support separately & No SAP 22% AMC. Now here all are combined together cost per user & per month. So minimum One-year costs at a time will be paid.
    2. New SAP Clients can go for Green Field implementation. Even existing users can go for the green field, if they have data redundancies in Ecc or not using New GL in ECC. Or complexity in migration.
    3. SAP Clients can reduce their risk by choosing S4 Hana Cloud initially 1-3 years.
    4. They can try with a less no of users license as on a test basis. Even they can think of 5 users per module. If there are FI, CO, SD, MM, PP, QM, HCM, PM modules. 40 users per month. 480 users per annum.
    5. It saves a lot of costs & delays in implementation.
    6. The most important thing, Users save huge costs without like Hana server, license costs, implementation costs, Post Go live support cost.